Question by Norwell: What is it like in Raleigh, NC? The weather? Things to do? Etc. Etc.?
Tell me about the weather! Is it terribly humid in the Summer? I’m not big on hot weather, so. Oh, and in the wintertime- Do they get snow? If so, how much?
Would you consider it a city?
Hows the nightlife? Things to?
The people?
High schools?

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Answer by amstel190
Huge questions!!
Tough to encapsulate any location like this.

First of all, it’s really Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill… “The Triangle”
Try not to see them as separate entities.
Also, remember that the region is home to 3 major Universities: UNC, Duke, NC State – this says a lot about what is going on in the area (sports/culture/nightlife/public transportation) and it can help you imagine what might feel like to live there.

- Summer gets HOT, but air conditioning is everywhere
- Winter can vary… ice storms? snow? unusual, but anything’s possible
- Spring/Fall are gorgeous. Especially on the Outer Banks.

- Plenty bars, some clubs, amphitheaters / music venues etc.
- easy to get around w/out a car
- Film festivals

- music/ballet/opera (either visiting or resident companies) — ADF dance Festival
- museums (w/ outdoor movies! fun)
- theater (some is excellent)

- entire range from basic to 5-star

- terrific public schools (Orange, Wake county)
- top private schools (Durham Academy etc)*
….* but please understand that I have no kids myself, so my judgment is limited

My parents (one Dutch, one from NY) retired to NC in 1996, having absolutely no idea what to expect. They found the Triangle to be a great place to live, and surprisingly, full of folks NOT originally from NC. This variety is part of what makes the area cool.
Maybe try browsing Citysearch?

Good luck!

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