Question by Long Island guy: cross country skiing in NY area?
Can somebody recommend some cross-country ski trails within NY area ( up to 4 hours driving) ? We are looking for location with equipment rental .

I understand it a little bit early but my wife want to try and I need to be prepared :(

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Answer by Jet Doctor
Lapland Lakes in Northville, NY is an excellent full service nordic resort. They have groomed trails of all experience levels, rentals, instruction, lodging, scandinavian atmosphere, and good early snow. Former U.S. Olympian Olavi Hirvonen founded and operates the resort.

While you’re in the area check out the Saratoga Biathlon Club in Day, NY. Many club members there are from NYC. Great trails (my dad made them) that have produced Olympic athletes. Ask Jim or Curt to let you try the unique sport of winter biathlon.

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