Question by : Best place for pictures in Albany, NY?
We are having engagement photos taken in the Albany area and are looking for some suggestions on where as we don’t know the area too well. We are looking for outside photos in a nice area. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by Victor
Curious about the 10 best places in Albany, NY, to meet single women? If so, you have come to the right place. Albany is a great city for single men, with many beautiful women and great places to woo them. We have collected ten of the best locations that men go to meet single women and listed them here for you to study!

1. Women love to go to the New York State Museum. Single women will go both alone and with friends. Women enjoy being able to wander through the exhibits and admire the artwork. This is a great place to strike up a conversation with women because they are usually there to relax and enjoy themselves.
2. All women love music, and that is why the Times Union Center is number two on our list. Fun-loving single women will often go to large concerts to have a good time. Concerts are a good opportunity to meet someone who has the same musical tastes as you do. The band gives you a great opening topic, and once you get a woman talking you can really get the ball rolling.
3. The Empire State Plaza is located near the heart of Albany. Concerts take place here during the summer, and women congregate here for various outdoor activities.
4. Center Square is a huge area where you may find single women. Many women come to the square to shop or visit the restaurants. The variety of shops ensures that you can meet a variety of single women.
5. There are always single women at local universities. The University at Albany is no exception to this rule. Many of the female students are young and single, and this is the place to be if you love smart women!
6. Many women love visiting Washington Park. Washington Park is a great location for all normal park activities. Women enjoy working out in the park or just sitting around reading or enjoying nature.
7. The Albany Symphony Orchestra is a place where single women often go with friends. Women love good music and enjoy dressing up to see the performances. This is a good place to mingle and get to know women with a bit more refined taste.
8. Local malls are always a great place to meet single women. All women love to shop, and it is easy to strike up a conversation if you offer to buy a woman coffee or ice cream at the mall.
9. There are several Minor League teams that play out of Albany, NY. Meeting at a sports stadium is always a sure way to make sure that you and the single woman that you meet have interests in common.
10. One of the most traditional ways to meet single women is to hang out at local pubs, bars and night clubs. Albany has plenty to choose from, and you are sure to meet a variety of single women out and about as you enjoy the rich nightlife that Albany has to offer.

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